Strong Start To Finish

We welcome future investors to join our funding collaborative currently comprised of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ascendium Education Group and The Kresge Foundation, with Education Commission of the States as our coordinating intermediary. Becoming a funder provides Strong Start to Finish (SSTF) with additional resources that can fundamentally change each student’s journey on the path to earning a meaningful postsecondary credential.

Contributing Funds Isn’t the Only Way to Join the Movement.

In addition to direct philanthropic support, you can invest your knowledge or collaboration in SSTF. We are always growing our network of like-minded individuals and organizations. Your insights can help us better understand return on investment and interventions that succeed among your students. Engage with us in the support of historically underserved student populations and help us dramatically improve their success rates.

Those interested in becoming a funder should speak with our interim director:  

Brian A. Sponsler
Interim Director, SSTF & Vice President, ECS
Strong Start to Finish, Education Commission of the States

Office: 303-299-3615