Strong Start To Finish

More than 50 percent of students attending two-year institutions and 33 percent of students attending four-year colleges are placed in ineffective developmental courses.

Too many students are not
getting a strong start

The data shows retention and graduation rates are low among students in developmental courses. Most drop out or take years to graduate.

Less than 10 percent of two-year students in developmental education graduate within three years.

Only 35 percent of four-year students in developmental education graduate within six years.

Education Systems are Failing to Adequately Support Students’ Success.

Nearly half of all developmental education students take on debt, averaging $3,000 per course.

Nationwide, developmental education costs students and their families almost $1.3 billion in out-of-pocket costs each year.

Students placed in developmental education seldom move on to credit-earning courses.

Students should begin taking credit-earning courses in their first year of college. However, nationally, 50 percent of students at public two-year colleges and 40 percent of students at public four-year colleges failed to complete their developmental coursework within six years.