Strong Start To Finish

Information on Grants, Sites and Plans to Grow

Strong Start to Finish (SSTF) has Scaling Sites across the U.S., including in Arkansas, California, Georgia, New York and Ohio, with plans to expand to additional sites when and where appropriate. In addition, several small grants of support were issued during our initial call for applications. These include sites in California, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Grants Given

In February 2018, SSTF awarded three-year grants totaling $8.525 million to higher education systems committed to getting students onto successful pathways to college completion. These grants offer direct support to address attainment gaps for historically-underserved populations.  

"Ultimately, these grants are an accelerant," says Christopher Mullin, director of SSTF. "Change in the field is already happening; the point is to 'fan the flame' to more quickly achieve system equity and a balance between student needs and operating realities in colleges nationwide."

Survey of Research and Practice Needs in Developmental Education Reform

SSTF is being awarded $5.35 million to spur equity-centered research, practice, and policy invention and innovation, address emerging challenges at currently supported systems, and to provide targeted technical and strategic assistance to systems preparing to implement developmental education reforms at scale.

Strong Start to Finish seeks your thought leadership to spur equity-centered research, practice, and policy invention and innovation. We seek your guidance on both the questions that need to be answered as well as the policies and practices you seek to replicate. To achieve this objective, we have created an online Survey of Research and Practice Needs in Developmental Education Reform to capture your perspectives. To be very explicit, we plan to democratize the voices informing education policy, practice and research by asking established researchers, neophyte academics, institutional administrators and staff, system leaders and staff, faculty from all disciplines, think tanks and members of the philanthropic community to take a few moments of their time to take a survey.

Strong Start to Finish will then analyze the submitted survey responses and deploy financial resources provided by current and future funders to seek answers, where possible. Our working timeline for primary consideration is as follows:

  1. Early 2020: Begin funding research projects
  2. March 2020: Invited researchers/projects participate in the Strong Start to Finish Learning Network Convening in Miami, March 2-5, 2020.
  3. March 2021: Research project initial findings presented at the 2021 Strong Start to Finish Learning Network Convening.
  4. The research project will have to be completed by September 30, 2021 at the latest.

While primary consideration will be given to survey responses received by December 2, 2019 Strong Start to Finish will continue to accept survey responses into 2020. We strongly encourage thought leaders from locations who have traditionally been underrepresented in this space - faculty, system leaders and staff, institutionally-based practitioners - to complete the survey and inform the future of our collective work. You can submit as many ideas as you have via the survey. To access a PDF version, please click here.