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Corequisites in a Virtual Environment: Assessing Student Learning

August 13, 2020
Charles A. Dana Center
Explore assessment methods that measure and promote student learning in gateway mathematics courses. Find out about strategies that encourage engagement, help-seeking, and academic integrity.
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Making Math Useful to Students

August 12, 2020
Elizabeth Zachry Rutschow
This Points of Interest shows that a greater percentage of students participating in DCMP courses agreed they would use the math they learned in their everyday lives.

Corequisites in a Virtual Environment: Providing Wrap-Around Supports

August 6, 2020
Charles A. Dana Center
Coordination between campus supports is crucial for students who need additional academic reinforcement, especially when they are remote. In this webinar, you can learn about holistic support efforts that are transparent and welcoming for online corequisite students.
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Differences Across Corequisites

August 5, 2020
Elizabeth Ganga
This Points of Interest shows that the positive effects of corequisite reform in math for students on the placement cusp were largely the result of enrollments in statistics and math for liberal arts.

Corequisites in a Virtual Environment: Fostering Connectedness and Belonging

July 30, 2020
Carnegie Math Pathways/WestEd
Watch this discussion of social-emotional learning about how a sense of connectedness and belonging promotes student retention and success. Engage with techniques and strategies such as growth mindset, reducing belonging uncertainty, transference of knowledge, and promoting metacognition.
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Comparing Corequisite to Direct Placement

July 29, 2020
Elizabeth Ganga
This Points of Interest shows that for students near the margin of college readiness, direct placement into college-level courses without corequisite support may result in similar outcomes as placement into corequisite courses.
People in the Reform

People in the Reform: Russ Deaton

July 27, 2020
Alison Kadlec, Ashmi Patel
A conversation with Russ Deaton, Executive Vice Chancellor for Policy and Strategy of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), where successful implementation of corequisite support has yielded important lessons. Interview by Ashmi Patel and Alison Kadlec.
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Recessions Bring Older Students

July 22, 2020
Christopher M. Mullin
This Points of Interest shows that history suggests older students, who will be coming to college when the recession wanes, will benefit at institutions that have implemented reforms.

Corequisites in a Virtual Environment: Promoting Equity

July 16, 2020
Nikki Edgecombe
Discover equitable practices that ensure students can access programs leading to sustainable wages, leverage the assets students bring to class, and foster a supportive learning culture. Find out how virtual education technologies can both be beneficial and limit equitable access and what to do.