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Using Co-Requisite Remediation to Increase Student Success at Sinclair Community College

October 24, 2019
Anthony M. Ponder, Maxine T. Roberts
In this podcast, Dr. Anthony Ponder details how Sinclair Community College boosted students' graduation rates and other success points through co-requisite remediation.
Points of Interest

Broadening Access to Enrollment

October 23, 2019
Vilan Odekar
This Points of Interest shows that providing co-requisites can give students an earlier opportunity to enroll in college-level courses.
Points of Interest

Expediting Progress

October 16, 2019
Vilan Odekar
This Points of Interest shows that students enrolled in Statway are more likely to earn college level math credits compared to students not enrolled in an accelerated developmental mathematics program.
Points of Interest

Stubborn Distributions

October 9, 2019
Christopher M. Mullin
This Points of Interest shows that while there is an increase in the number of students completing transfer English courses, the proportional distribution of grades remains stubbornly consistent.
People in the Reform

People in the Reform: Moise Philippe Laub

October 2, 2019
Maxine T. Roberts
Moise Philippe Laub, a student at Syracuse University, credits advising and co-requisite courses with helping to make a positive difference in his educational trajectory.
Points of Interest

Lives Changed

October 2, 2019
Christopher M. Mullin
This Point of Interest shows a substantial increase in the number of students who completed a transfer-level English course when compared to a year prior.
Steps to Success

Advising for Student Success: Systemic Changes in Advising During Florida’s Developmental Education Reform

September 26, 2019
Shouping Hu
In this Steps to Success paper, we see how legislation has led to significant systemwide changes in advising as part of Florida’s developmental education reform.
Points of Interest

Equity-Focused Change

September 25, 2019
Ben Erwin
This Point of Interest shows that developmental education reforms can help to contribute towards more equitable completion of college-level coursework.
Points of Interest

Reducing Success Gaps

September 18, 2019
Ben Erwin
This Points of Interest shows that following the implementation of Florida senate bill 1720, Black students narrowed achievement gaps in gateway English courses.