Strong Start To Finish

Right Now, A First-year Student Sits In A College Classroom Being Ill-served By Developmental Math.

Students must be set up for success in their first year at college. Developmental math and English courses can stand in the way of their path to a degree. Strong Start to Finish is shifting that path so that every student can start strong, to finish strong.

Our Mission

Strong Start to Finish works to bring equity to higher education by supporting change at scale in policy and practice across the nation.

Our Vision

Strong Start to finish supports change at scale by incubating the development and promoting the dissemination of actionable, evidence-based policy and practice about student entry to and success in their initial year of college to bring equity to education.

Our Values

Strong Start to Finish has seven core values. These values represent key convictions that guide our decisions and direct our work.

Join the movement to create fundamental and lasting policy change together.

Thank You For the Generous Support from Our Philanthropic Partners

Strong Start to Finish operates thanks to the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ascendium Education Group and The Kresge Foundation. Additional funds are welcomed from future national, regional and local investors.

You Can Be Part of Creating a Fundamental Shift for These Students

Join a funding collaborative that impacts the entire postsecondary system. Your investment goes to support fundamental and lasting policy change. Translate your learnings into action – get involved:

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Reforming Developmental Education Reforms

June 15, 2021

Understanding and affirming the experiences and aspirations of racially minoritized students like Marcus* is a powerful way to support their academic confidence and success, especially during the first year of college.

One intriguing remedy—albeit in its nascent stages—involves combining structural changes such as corequisite courses with practices that address engagement between students and their instructors. 

Read the latest blog post from our director, Dr. Maxine Roberts, for the Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness to learn effective validation practices that can be used in the classroom and how to scale them in the system.


*Name has been changed for privacy

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